Passionately Brewing Premium Irish Craft Beers since the 1700’s

Who We Are

We Create Memorable, Bespoke, Premium Quality Irish Beers, Handcrafted to Perfection.

Established in 2015, Brewmaster is the exclusive premium craft beer brand of Dundalk Bay Brewery and Distillery, a 100% Irish owned, independent company by industry experts Spectac International, who have engineered breweries and distilleries for over 30 years. At Brewmaster we manufacture exceptional Irish beers that are delicious, full of flavour and with tonnes of character. Our heritage in brewing dates to the 1700’s in Dundalk, Ireland, which makes brewing a part of our DNA and our way of life.

Freshly Brewed Beers

Exceptional Irish Premium Craft Beers, brewed in a Sustainable Way Using Naturally Sourced Ingredients.

At Brewmaster, we pride ourselves in our attention to quality and innovations in brewing which allows us to create unique recipes and flavours with a modern brewing style. We create and manufacture a unique range of handcrafted, superior Irish beers, Irish IPA, Irish Stout, Irish Ale and Non-Alcoholic premium craft beers in Ireland.

About Us

Our Team

At Brewmaster we are proud to have several generations as part of our team today. Our exclusive team of beer experts work round-the-clock to fine-tune each recipe, testing throughout the process of the brew in our bespoke state-of-the-art laboratory and Brewery in Ireland

Our Technique

Our state-of-the-art 50 hectolitre brewhouse in Dundalk, Ireland enables us to create flavoursome recipes with a modern brewing style. All our recipes feature local, naturally sourced ingredients to produce a clean, crisp, and refreshing brew in our state-of-the-art Irish Brewery, harnessing the tradition of the old and improving with the new.

Our Brewery

Ensuring Quality & Consistency in Brewing Refreshing Irish Premium Craft Beers.

Established in 2015, our brewery is a state-of-the-art 50HL fully automated brewhouse fitted with robust technologies and systems, that can be controlled from a smart phone. We are the only brewery in Ireland to have such high-tech recipe driven procedures for every brew, thereby minimising loss and effectively controlling recipe solutions with accuracy. Quality lies at the heart of everything we do here at Dundalk Bay Brewery. We strive to ensure quality and consistency across all aspects of our brewery to fulfill our promise of brewing and exporting the best premium craft beers in Ireland. We can achieve 5,000 litres in just one brew in as little as 3 hours. Our products are constantly being recognised by International industry and trade awards.



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