Our Core range

Our core Brewmaster range of flavourful, hand crafted Irish Premium craft Beers have quality, consistency and sessionability as the most important factors in our values. We have introduced our newly released Nitro Stout can with widget technology to our range of beers which is a show-stopper, giving a draught pour in-can. Experience more about our core range below.

Our Special Range

Our Brewmaster special range includes our limited-edition Irish Ale, Irish Lagers, Pilsners, Maibock, American Pale Ale and Irish Imperial stout, which we create in line with consumer trends and market demands. We have a lot more of our special editions on our shop with food pairings and tasting notes so look out for some newbies as we are always updating our family of beers!

Non-Alcoholic Range

Our exclusive range of non-alcoholic IPA and Irish Lagers are made from all-natural ingredients. Not only is it alcohol-free, but it is also a low calorie, 100% vegan friendly, gluten free version of your favourite Brewmaster beer includes Vitamin B12, B9 and Folic Acid which promotes healthy living.

Low ABV Range

We also have a unique range of premium low-alcohol beers and flavoured Irish Micro IPAs with less than 2% Alcohol volume with low bitterness and refreshingly smooth taste that will enhance your dining experience.